May 31, 2018 · How-To

Installing ZBrush with Munki

At work, we just recently deployed a digital painting program called "Zbrush". Turns out, Zbrush created their installers for Mac & Windows using the same tool - Bitrock InstallBuilder. This means the silent installation switches are actually the same.

Once you extract the .app from inside the provided .dmg, you can run the following command from terminal to install ZBrush (we tested this with the current version):

"/Applications/ZBrush 2018 Installer OSX" --mode unattended

We elected to re-package ZBrush's .app along with the two necessary license files for our floating license and create a post-install script that looks like this:


'/Applications/' --mode unattended

rm -r '/Applications/'

mv '/Users/Shared/floating.lib' '/Applications/ZBrushOSX 2018 FL/ZData/ZPlugs64/RLM'

mv '/Users/Shared/licensefile.lic' '/Applications/ZBrushOSX 2018 FL/Licenses'

chmod 755 '/Applications/ZBrushOSX 2018 FL/ZData/ZPlugs64/RLM/floating.lib'

chmod 755 '/Applications/ZBrushOSX 2018 FL/Licenses/licensefile.lic'


Credit to Kyle Levenick for help coding & testing the script.