November 3, 2018 · Resources

Communication For Adobe Device Licensing Changes

Recently, Adobe announced that with the release of Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 applications, they would be immediately deprecating "Device Licenses" which were a type of license widely used in education environments – this type of license did not require any user management.

Device Licenses allowed CC apps to be deployed to computers with control over how and when patches and version upgrades were delivered, and were tied to a specific device rather than a user.

With Device Licenses discontinued, and compatibility with newer apps gone, Adobe administrators were left with no option but to await the replacement mythical "Shared Device License" coming in February 2019.

Since that's nearly 3 months away at minimum, we had to devise a communication plan for our considerable number of Device License users, and make sure we notified them that if they were to manage to update their apps (sometimes the control over updates did not work) they would break their installations and cause them significant headache (and a headache for IT, too).

Below is our email sent out communicating this information as best we thought we could – please feel free to adapt it for your organization.

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