June 19, 2018 · Powershell Windows

Windows 10 Provisioning Packages

A few weeks ago, we began testing provisioning packages.

I think they're a fascinating use of technology best suited to a very particular use case - BYOD.

We began testing them, though, with the idea that they could potentially replace monolithic imaging for use in the same way that DEP purports to do with regard to Apple products. Unbox, install the provisioning package, and you're done!

And for a small business, that might well be perfect. No SCCM, no MDT, no PXE, no nonsense.

But in higher education, things are more complicated. What do we do about different departments that have different needs? What about the cost considerations of being forced to pay for a Windows license with the computer itself (our channel partner gives us the option to ship with Ubuntu, which shaves off $100 per machine since we have volume imaging rights)?.

Ultimately, we decided to reserve these little packages for when we had a situation that required us to do some setup on a BYOD computer we'd normally have to do manually - configure licensing for our version of Office, install AV, etc.

Provisioning packages are definitely in the back of my mind, though, and we'll see if Microsoft advances this tech come Ignite in September.